Applications That Will Help You While Creating Content

Content production, which has been in vogue for the last few years, continues to be a source of income for many people. Although it may seem simple from the outside, it is necessary to pay attention to the many tricks used while preparing the contents. If you are a content producer and want to produce higher quality content, the websites and applications listed below may be useful for you.

All the texts we read on the internet and the videos we watch through certain stages is presented before us. It is planned to attract the attention of the audience by converting these contents, which started to be produced with an idea to the mind, into a concrete article, image or video.

However, preparing these contents is not easy at all. we too contents those who dream of becoming a creator or are already a content producer We have compiled the websites and applications that they can use for their web browsers in consultation with the content producers.

What is this content creation?

Content producer; blog post, post, website, video or other social media Prepare images and text is the controlling person. A significant part of the content available on digital platforms is prepared by these producers.

It should determine the subjects such as how to prepare the content, what to write on the images/videos or in their descriptions. Of course, while doing used tools also quite important. Let’s take a look at the websites and applications you can use to create better quality content.

1. Canva


With Canva, which has web and mobile applications, you can design graphics for social platforms for free and very easily. Dozens font, visual, image, shape etc. You can make the content you produce more original.

If you get the premium version of Canva, which many content creators love, the images, fonts and components it offers you will vary, but regular subscription type It is also quite sufficient to extract rich content.

2. CapCut


While producing your video content free, ad-free and premium-free If you are looking for an app, CapCut is for you! CapCut, which has recently been developed in a desktop version, is widely used especially in Reels content.

ByteDance, which also owns TikTok If we come to the features of the company’s CapCut; It has functions such as removing background sound, enhancing with animations, filtering, adding music, adding layers and automatic subtitles.

3. Grammarly


If you want your content to reach large audiences Your Turkish content with English versions It is useful to create So you can reach readers/viewers around the world, not just people in your own country.

Grammarly, which is frequently used by content producers, is a software created to correct English grammar mistakes. If you install and activate this software on your computer or phone, warns by detecting grammatical errors and it shows how it should be true.

4. HashtagStack


The hashtags you use so that other people in the audience you want to reach other than your followers can access the content you produce. choose carefully must.

Using the HashtagStack site, you can search for the hashtags you want to add to your content and find out how many times each hashtag is used, the average or lowest number of likes, the number of comments and the number of times that hashtag is posted per hour. access the analysis.


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5. Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is pretty good for streaming content producers. practical and popular a program. With the settings you can make with this program, you can meet your audience thanks to much higher quality broadcasts.

Streamlabs OBS among the features start a countdown before broadcast, use the screen like paint to crop, stretch or shrink the camera as you wish; setting the text fonts, moving the message box wherever you want, sharing interface and dark mode option.


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