Apple’s ‘Polishing Cloth’ Has Been Raised

The Polishing Cloth, which was released at Apple’s Unleashed event, got its share of the dollar increase. The meringue, which could be purchased for 199 TL when it was released, can now be purchased with a 25% increase.

US-based technology giant Apple, organized a month ago “unleashed” announced its brand new products at the event. Even though the new MacBook Pros are the favorite of the event, Apple has added the “Polishing Cloth” to everyone’s website. fell on your tongue. Compatible with (!) all Apple products, this cloth is available in Turkey. for 199 TL was on sale.

The technology giant, which has taken a decision specific to Turkey in the past days, stopped its product sales for a while. stopped. The reason for this is that the Turkish lira is living against the dollar rate. it was a shock depreciation. The appreciation of the dollar by around 2 TL in a short period of 24 hours caused Apple to first stop the sales and then to the prices. by making a raise led to a resumption of sales. The company’s Polishing Cloth is also from the rise of the dollar registered as one of the affected products.

Apple’s Polishing Cloth increased by 25 percent

The Polishing Cloth, which has been listed on Apple’s website with its new price, is currently 249 TL can be purchased in return. So this product 25 percent around a hike. Apple states that the Polishing Cloth is currently out of stock.

For those wondering; A magic feature of Apple’s Polishing Cloth does not exist. The company describes this cleaning product as “Made of soft non-abrasive material, the Polishing Cloth protects all Apple screens, including nano-texture glass. cleans safely and effectively.He introduces with the words “…

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