Apple Watch Series 7 Has the Same Processor as Series 6

Apple’s new smart watches, Apple Watch Series 7, which was officially introduced the other day, have the same processor as Series 6, despite all its dexterity. According to the statement, both the new model with a lot of changes in design and Series 6 have a processor named t8301.

The long-awaited Apple launch finally took place yesterday. In addition to the introduction of iPhone 13 models with surprising prices, one of the most remarkable innovations of the event It has an extremely large screen It’s the new Apple Watch Series 7.

The new Series 7, the largest-screen Apple Watch to date, attracted at least as much attention as new smartphone models at the event. The new smartwatch, which has even longer battery life than iPhones, caused great excitement among Apple fans, but basically Series 7 has the same processor as Series 6.

Apple may have left the Watch Series 7 to the last minute

As you know, one of the things Apple likes to brag about is how the performance of the new models, whether it’s a phone or a watch, has increased compared to previous generations. However, contrary to expectations, this time, instead of saying a word about the performance of the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple just focus on new design preferred.

via Twitter making statements Troughton-Smith, Allows the development of applications for Apple devices According to data from Xcode, he confirmed that Apple Watch Series 7 has the same processor as Series 6.

apple watch series 7

Of course, using the same processor in a new model is not something Apple has done for the first time. Even another developer According to Guilhere Rambo Apple in Series 7 Revised version of the processor used in Series 6 uses.

The fact that Apple used an old processor in the Watch Series 7, which made a big impression with its design, was obviously a bit of a surprise for Apple fans. Codename on both models “t8301It is assumed that Apple has not thought about a new smart watch model for a long time and left the Apple Watch Series to the last minute.


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