Apple Watch 8 design revealed

Claimed to come with angular design Apple Watch 8 The design of the model has been leaked. The device, whose technical details have been revealed recently, will unfortunately not have an angular design.

famous analyst Ross Young, “Would you like to see a larger Apple Watch 8 in 2022? Don’t be surprised if you come across 3 different dimensions next year.” used the phrases.

Apple does not give up the curved frame! Apple Watch 8 design leaked

According to the first leaked information, Apple Watch 8, which is stated to come in 3 different sizes, body temperature and blood glucose measurement will have features such as With the pandemic process, it is estimated that body temperature measurement, which is of great importance in the diagnosis of coronavirus, will also come to other smartwatch models.

According to the leak that emerged in the past days, Apple’s suppliers, Watch Series 8 users blood sugar levels started to develop new generation sensors that will enable them to measure With the 6th generation, the Apple Watch family, which has the feature of killing the amount of oxygen in the blood, will come up with very ambitious technologies in terms of health.

Two speaker outputs in the shared design draw attention. The design, which is similar to the Apple Watch 7 in general terms, will allegedly come up with new color options.

The blood sugar feature added to the Apple Health application with iOS 15 can only be used with external hardware for now. Analysts state that this feature indicates that it will appear with the Apple Watch 8.

It is estimated that the Apple Watch 8, which is expected to be introduced in 2022, will have two different versions. Apple Watch 8 Sport It is not yet known what features will be included in the model called.

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