Apple surprises: Foldable iPhone will be “armored”!

Although the foldable smartphone market is growing day by day, no step has come from Apple yet. For long years foldable iPhone The company working on it has filed for a remarkable patent. Accordingly, the iPhone, which understands that it has been dropped, will have a mechanism that protects its screens.

Foldable iPhone will be automatically protected with fall detection

Apple’s new iPhone Fold We know you’re working on it. A recent patent filing reports that the company is looking for ways to protect its device from falling. Titled “Screen Protection Techniques Using Self-Shutting Display and Drop Detection,” the app describes a mechanism that will minimize screen damage in the event of a drop.

According to the patent statement, the device will detect when the iPhone is dropped accelerometer-like It will be a sensor. This sensor will turn off the phone by giving an “electronically adjustable lock” signal, thus minimizing the effect of a drop on the screen.

The iPhone 15 was sad before it was released: Samsung's artificial photo feature is coming!

The iPhone 15 was sad before it was released: Samsung’s artificial photo feature is coming!

According to the leaks that emerged today, Apple will bring the artificial photo feature on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to the iPhone 15 models.

The patent application says that the iPhone screen may remain partially open, or the mechanism may not close completely if it is too close to the ground. However, folding the screen will provide protection, as the impact of the drop will be felt on the case instead of directly on the screen.

The patent certificate also fall protection sensor detailing. In order for the internal mechanism to turn off automatically, it must be detected that the fall rate is above a predetermined threshold. Still, it’s unclear whether the mechanism will be fast enough to shut down completely.

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In addition to the drop-protection mechanism, Apple has released the foldable iPhone for new hinge technology is also examining. According to the patent application, the device may consist of two separate screens that connect when opened, rather than having a normal hinge.

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