Apple Music Prices Increased by 100%

Apple Music increased its prices in Turkey. With the increase made after a long time, prices doubled.

Apple, which applied price increases to many of its products at the beginning of this month, has now made a brand new price increase. Company, popular music service Apple Music increased its prices in Turkey. The last price increase for Apple Music was last year.


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Apple Music prices, with the new update %one hundred It increased around . The cheapest package was 20 TL and the most expensive package was 60 TL.

Prices resulting from the increase in Apple Music:

Version old price New price
Student 9.99 TL 19.99 TL
Individual 19.99 TL 39.99 TL
Family 29.99 TL 59.99 TL

Apple Music, which offers a 1-month free trial, was one of the most affordable music platforms before the price increase. However, with the new increase, the prices have come very close to Spotify.


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