Apple Mixed Reality Glasses to Work with ‘xrOS’

There has been a new development regarding the mixed reality glasses that Apple has been working on for years. It turned out that the name of the operating system that will be included in the glasses has changed.

US-based technology giant Apple has been around for a while. mixed reality glasses with on the agenda. Although the company has not made an official statement so far, it is known that it has been working on equipment to be used for virtual and mixed reality for a long time. The latest news is now big that we may be close to the announcement makes you think.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman explained the latest situation that Apple has come with this equipment. According to the statement, Apple has changed the name of the operating system that will run the glasses.xrOSAccording to Gurman, Apple made such a change to hide the project. However, it seems that failed.

‘xr’ stands for ‘extended reality’

New product Apple is working on both virtual and augmented reality to be used for focused applications. We used to describe this situation as “mixed reality” until now. However, Apple does not use this term. a new response seems to have found it. Because, according to Mark Gurman, Apple states that in xr in xrOS “augmented realityHe makes a new definition of “.


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The operating system was previously called “realityOS”

Apple’s augmented reality glasses were mentioned with a different operating system in the past. Allegedly, this operating system, “realityOS“. In the early stages of 2023 to be introduced. Is it the price? According to rumors, these glasses will be among the most expensive products of Apple.


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