Apple is shutting down My Photo Stream service

applethe once popular photo and video storage service My Photo Stream He announced that he was preparing to close the (My Photo Stream) application. The application, which will be unplugged on July 26, allowed users to store 1000 files for free.

Apple will use iCloud Photos instead of My Photo Stream

iCloud’s photo and video storage app 26 July He is retiring as of the date of his retirement. Apple has invited users to upgrade to iCloud Photos with more extensive features. Starting July 26, files from the My Photo Stream app will be archived and the app will automatically redirect them to iCloud Photos.

The My Photo Stream feature, which was first available in 2011, offered a completely free experience. Users could upload up to 1000 images and videos. However, it should be noted that with the discontinuation of support, only iCloud Photos will be active.

The lawsuit is over: Apple will pay compensation to its customers!

The lawsuit is over: Apple will pay compensation to its customers!

Apple will pay a total of $ 50 million in compensation for the butterfly keyboard on the MacBooks it produced between 2015 and 2019.

Apple said that files stored in My Photo Stream will remain accessible until August 25. While images and videos will not be deleted from users’ devices, they will be removed from the cloud and synchronization will not be possible. From July 26, new files will not be able to be uploaded to My Photo Stream.

My Photo Stream was one of the first attempts to sync files between Apple devices and web platforms. However, with the development of the cloud storage industry, secure storage in iCloud iCloud Photos was brought to the fore.

iCloud every user who has an account free 5GB storage Let me tell you that you have the right. For a higher storage space, you need to purchase a subscription from Apple. On the other hand, you can also browse services like Google Photos or Dropbox.

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