Apple allegedly rolled up its sleeves for the smart screen!

Apple is reportedly working to break into a new product category. Allegedly, Apple will produce smart screens just like Google and Amazon. It is stated that this product will be very similar to the iPad and will focus more on video calls.

from Bloomberg Mark Gurmanadded new ones to its statements about the US-based technology giant Apple. According to new statements, Apple continues to work on a number of new products. One of them is the “smart screen”.smart displayIt is not known when the product, which is stated to be similar to the iPad, will be released.

According to the statement, which is based on sources familiar with Apple’s smart screen, Apple’s upcoming product, Cheaper than iPad can be purchased for a price. It will also have a magnetic mounting apparatus for comfortable use.

So what exactly will this product do? What is a smart display?

Smart displays have already appeared with names such as Google Nest or Amazon Echo Show. Mobility focused products like tablets. In particular, devices that focus on video calls seem to be decorative products with their stylish designs. According to Mark Gurman’s claim, Apple’s smart screen will also resemble its competitors. In this context; most of the product video call focused will be stated. In addition, this smart display will support other smart products that are compatible with the Apple ecosystem.


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Meanwhile; Although the focus of the statement made by Mark Gurman is the smart display, information about other products came as well. According to analyst AppleTV, will undergo a major overhaul in the coming years and will be equipped with a much more powerful processor. Gurman, that in 2024 means it will happen.

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