Antonio Banderas Might Be In A New Zorro Movie

Famous actor Antonio Banderas frankly answered questions about whether he would like to take part in a new Zorro movie, and excited his fans.

One of Hollywood’s favorite names for a while. Antonio BanderasHe was remembered for his role as Zorro. The famous actor, in an interview he attended, made a new Zorro He answered questions about whether he wanted to appear in front of the camera for his film.

According to Banderas’ statements, the famous actor will play his iconic character in case of an offer. to revive once again He’s ready, but this time he wants to go in front of the camera to transfer the role to the next actor. Even the candidate he is considering for himself is obvious.

handing over the mask

soon to be released Puss in Boots The famous actor, who met with members of the press for his animation, was asked if he wanted to play Zorro again. who previously took over the role from Anthony Hopkins Banderassaid that he could take part in a Zorro movie again to transfer the character to another actor.

taken in 1998 The Mask of Zorro in the movie Anthony Hopkins’Don Diego de la Vega – the original Zorro – gave his mask and sword to the character of Banderas, who would inherit his legacy. We saw Banderas as Zorro in the next movie. Now the Oscar-nominated actor plans to do the same for another actor. The famous actor asked the questions “Yes, I can consider that possibility, why not? If they call me to shoot ‘Zorro’, I can do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, I’ll hand over the torch.” replied in the form.

What’s the name Banderas has in mind? Tom HollandNone other than . “I did Uncharted with him, and he’s so energetic and funny. It also has a spark, so why not?Holland is the most suitable candidate for Banderas.

Banderas, who also appeared in the movie Shrek Puss in Boots He will also voice his character in the next movie.

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