Another favorite of the brothers-in-law! What about Citroen Berlingo prices?

automotive industryWhat a negative atmosphere, especially in the last year. Factors such as the global chip crisis that affected the whole world, the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, as well as the increasing exchange rate, caused the prices to skyrocket. As of 2022, we are now faced with the news of hikes every month. frequently preferred in our country. Citroen he had to join this trend and gave a raise to his beloved models. Alright January 2023 as of Citroen Berlingo of the model price how about the tags?

Citroen Berlingo price list and features

It is one of the most preferred commercial products in our country. Citroen Berlingo, two engines with the option on sale. 100 HP and 130 HP 1.5 BlueHDi options. 6 advanced manual and 8 Advanced automatic transmission options are also available.

Manual to the gearbox 100 HP version with 250 Nm torque, 4.4 liters of city and 3.9 liters of extra-urban fuel consumption. The engine, which comes with a 130 HP manual transmission, offers 300 Nm of torque, 4.7 liters of urban and 4 liters of extra-urban fuel consumption values ​​for drivers.

Brother-in-laws are upset: Fiat Doblo'a raise!

Brother-in-laws are upset: Fiat Doblo’a raise!

What about the prices of the Fiat Doblo Combi 2022 model year, which has achieved significant sales success in our country? Here are the details…

The 130 HP engine with automatic transmission also has 300 Nm of torque. At the same time, it consumes 4.4 liters of fuel in the city and 4 liters outside the city.

Currently commercially available, including Feel Stil, Shine, and Shine Bold. three hardware package available. While Feel Still attracts attention as an entry-level package, Shine Bold is offered to drivers as the most complete package. Safety features such as driver fatigue warning, blind spot warning, active lane tracking and speed sign recognition, which are frequently preferred in the industry today, are only available in the highest level package.

Versions Equipment 2023 2022
1.5 BlueHDi
130 HP – 6 Speed ​​Manual
Feel Bold 565.000 TL 545.000 TL
1.5 BlueHDi
130 HP – EAT8
Feel Bold 625,000 TL 610.000 TL
1.5 BlueHDi
130 HP – EAT8
shine 677,000 TL 639,000 TL
1.5 BlueHDi
130 HP – EAT8
Shine Bold 702.000 TL 674,000 TL

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