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One of the biggest problems faced by Android users is notification and ringtoneAdjusting the i level together. Most users have a lower notification sound when requesting a high level in order not to miss calls. ring tone wants. Unfortunately Android There is no such distinction on phones. However Android 14 with this problem can be solved.

Notification and ringtone volume setting separate

In a Twitter post by Mishaal Rahman, the latest Android 14 reveals that the developer preview offers separate notification and ringtone settings for some users. To these options,set‘ in section r’SoundIt can be accessed by entering the ‘ section or by pressing the volume buttons on your phone and then tapping the menu at the bottom.

It is unclear when this feature will be available. Because GoogleWe have seen a similar study before. The company last year Android 13 QPR2 In the beta version, he made a study to separate the notification and ringtone settings.

Samsung models that will not receive Android 14-based OneUI 6.0 have been announced!

While all the work for Android 14 continues rapidly, Samsung has determined the models that will not meet the OneUI 6.0 update.

On the other hand, this feature Pixel Let us remind you that it is on the phones. Google combined notification and ringtone settings again a few years ago. Some manufacturers still use this feature in their modern phones. However, most users are still very uncomfortable with this situation.

Google, Android 14It plans to present it in July or August. The open beta version of the next generation operating system June It will be released in the month. On the other hand Android 14 developer preview It is already possible to use the version on supported devices. However, it is worth remembering that this version is not at a stable level yet and you may damage your phone.

A lot Android user We hope this situation, which is expressed as annoying by Android 14, will be resolved with Android 14. What about you on Android phones? notification and ringtone What do you think about presenting the settings together? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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