Analysts Warn for Bitcoin Dominance: Pay Attention to That Date!

The cryptocurrency market has been witnessing heated debates lately regarding Bitcoin dominance and the upcoming halving event. The fact that Bitcoin’s price has reached record levels and altcoins are falling behind confuses investors. Experts have different opinions about whether Bitcoin will maintain its leading position in the market in the coming period and how the halving will affect the market. In this news, we will examine the Bitcoin dominance debate. We will discuss the predictions of well-known analysts such as Peter Brandt and Benjamin Cowen and discuss the potential effects of the halving. We will also examine BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes’ short-term price decline expectation.

Bitcoin analysts point to BTC dominance

Bitcoin dominance in the cryptocurrency market has become a hot topic of discussion recently, with predictions from well-known analysts Peter Brandt and Benjamin Cowen. Brandt shared a chart on the potential rise of Bitcoin dominance and asked, “What if there will be no altcoin season?” raised the question. According to Brandt’s technical analysis, Bitcoin dominance could rise as high as 66.32% from the current level of 54.27%. This may mean that a large portion of investments will be directed towards Bitcoin and altcoins may lose value.

Cowen, on the other hand, argues that BTC dominance can continue based on historical data. Analyzing past market cycles, Cowen shows that Bitcoin dominance remains high during periods of interest rate cuts and quantitative easing. This calls into question the idea that altcoins will dominate once Bitcoin reaches its peak. As we reported, while Bitcoin failed to reach new peaks in 2019, it reached record levels in 2024. Cowen suggests that this situation could be disadvantageous for those investing in altcoins and Bitcoin’s dominance could increase further.

Short-term decline: Arthur Hayes points to May 1

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes thinks that Bitcoin and altcoin prices may fall in the short term. Believing that the halving will increase prices in the medium term, Hayes says that price movements before and after the halving may be negative. Hayes’s prediction is based on the idea that when market participants have a common view, the opposite happens. According to Hayes, high expectations regarding the halving pose a risk. While the majority of investors believe that the halving will cause prices to rise, Hayes thinks that this situation may have the opposite effect.

Arthur Hayes also said he would wait until May to take any action. Hayes also points out that quantitative tightening in the USA will decrease after May 1. Investors’ expectations about the halving pushed the Bitcoin price to record levels. But Hayes argues that the opposite happens when market participants have a common view. Therefore, he believes that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices in general will decrease during halving periods.

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