An important innovation is coming to iPhones in Turkey with iOS 16.4!

Technology giant Apple launched the first developer beta of iOS 16.4 yesterday. The anticipated new release includes a host of new features and changes. On the other hand, it also brings some innovations for Turkey. Here are the details…

iOS 16.4 offers 5G support for iPhones in Turkey

The iOS 16.4 beta version, which contains important innovations for iPhones, has a special importance for Turkey as well. Accordingly, the company will begin to offer 5G support for iPhones in our country. In addition, the version includes many innovations.

When iOS 16 was announced, Apple announced that it would bring a new architecture to the Home app to improve the experience of using HomeKit accessories. Homekit, which was removed from the system due to compatibility problems with smart home products, will have a new architecture with the new version. On the other hand, 31 new emojis are coming with it.

Apple mixed reality headset delayed again!

Apple mixed reality headset delayed again!

The Apple mixed reality headset, which has been the scene of many rumors for years, again faced some problems.

New features expected with iOS 16.4 beta;

  • Experience using HomeKit accessories
  • 31 new emojis
  • 5G support for iPhones in Turkey
  • Profile button on Apple Music
  • What’s new in Settings and Shortcuts
  • User guides for other Apple products
  • Safari, push notifications
  • What’s new in the podcast app
  • Third-party browser web apps appear on the home screen
iOS 16.4 beta

Thanks to the new iOS 16.4 update, users will be able to see how much battery the Always-On technology in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models consumes. It is not yet known whether this information is turned on by default in beta, as it may take some time for iOS to collect enough data to detail the Always-On display battery drain.

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