Amazon Is Giving Up on Cashierless Stores: So Why?

Amazon is giving up on its cashierless shopping system, where people buy the products they want from stores and leave the invoices after them. There are some reasons for this situation.

Technology giants in different fields reduce employee numbers and is undertaking various initiatives to introduce new technologies. One of these initiatives is Amazon’s They were markets without employees or cashiers. However, Amazon decided to move away from this initiative quietly.

Amazon’s Fresh The system used in its eponymous markets relied on a large number of sensors and the labor of thousands of people working in data centers in India. Invoices were sent to customers based on the information received from the sensors and the data entered by people watching the cameras. Customers were also complaining about the system due to incorrect invoices.

Stores without cashiers are expensive

The equipment required for this technology supply and installation It requires both serious effort and serious resources. Afterwards, people need to be involved in making sure that the products purchased are identified correctly. Using real cashiers instead stands out as a much more effective and cost-effective solution. Meanwhile, the system was of course autonomous as described, but for machine learning, real people were also watching the cameras and entering data to train the artificial intelligence.

Another problem is that people buy because of this shopping method. privacy concerns is shown to be alive. The presence of sensors that collect biometric data of people in the store disturbs many people. Archiving each customer’s biometric data, such as walking, body and face, invites a new lawsuit among the lawsuits filed against technology giants that we have frequently seen lately. There is currently a lawsuit filed on the issue in New York.


This cashierless grocery store technology called Just Walk Out Amazon He tried to sell it to other companies but was unsuccessful. In fact, some companies that found the company’s approach to disrupt the market began to see the technology giant as a rival and began to look for alternatives for technology solutions.

Amazon, which seemed indestructible until now, faced a big problem when trying to lay off a few cashiers.


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