Amazon Introduced 2022 Model Smart Home Products!

Amazon introduced new smart home devices at an event it held. Some of the introduced products are completely new, while others are updated versions of existing models.

Among the world’s largest e-commerce platforms Amazonis also a major smart home product manufacturer. The company has served consumers in many categories with the products it has launched so far, and it looks like it will continue to do so. Because Amazon, which has a big event, with brand new products appeared before us.

The hardware event held by Amazon hosted many products. Some of these products are of current models. advanced version, some were brand new products. Come together; New products introduced by Amazon let’s take a closer look.

The camera robot named Astro will now follow the pets!

Amazon, home robot with camera a while ago astroHe had put it on the market. At the event, it was stated that this robot had a new feature. According to Amazon, Astro is going to be home from now on. after animals can go. Moreover, the robot, which will not be satisfied with this, will send you the video of your friend at home. This robot 999 dollars can be purchased in return.

Your waking habits will change with Halo Rise

A new product introduced by Amazon Halo Rise it happened. This product actually looks like an alarm clock, but there’s more to it. Halo Rise, which monitors sleep with its sensors, keeps data through the mobile application. When Halo Rise’s alarm clock mode is activated with light and sounds waking up. The price of the product was announced as 139.99 dollars.

Kindle Scribe can now be used for writing too!

Amazon kindle scribe

Amazon had launched its Kindle e-book reader product years ago. Now an important update has come to this product. Kindle Scribe The new e-book reader named now also has pen support. Moreover, users can partially view what they write using the eraser on the back of the pen. they can delete. The price of the Amazon Kindle Scribe with a 10.2-inch screen 339 dollars declared as.

Echo Dot speakers will also measure ambient temperature

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s smart wireless speakers have also been updated. The new generation, which has both a clocked and a clockless display version Echo Dot speakers, they now have drivers that offer much better sound quality. These speakers also include touch and motion sensors. Speakers that will record the ambient temperature with the temperature sensor, extend the wifi They also have special modules for Amazon did not reveal the price of the next-generation Echo Dot.

The car assistant Echo Auto has also been updated

Amazon Echo Auto

Although the infotainment systems used in cars are now very advanced, primitive tapes are still present in old cars. Amazon’s designed for these situations Echo Auto It has also been renewed and now offers much better features. The next generation Echo Auto, $54.99 available for purchase.

Smart TV apparatus Fire TV Cube gets voice control feature

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon’s making TVs smart FireTV Cube The device is also updated. Users will now be able to control this product by voice. Wi-Fi 6E support is 20 percent stronger than the previous generation Fire TV Cube. 8 core The product, which has a processor, will maximize the image quality thanks to its “super resolution upscaling” feature. The price of the product $139.99 declared as.

Two new 4K Fire TVs from Amazon!

Amazon FireTV

At the event held by Amazon, a new 4K FireTV introduced. Amazon’s QLED televisions will be available for purchase in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes. The prices of the televisions are 799 dollars and respectively. $1,099 declared as.

Amazon’s indoor smart security camera Blink Mini has a stand!

Amazon Blink Mini

Amazon launches smart security cameras for indoor use Blink Mini created a new stand for Suitable for mounting on a table or wall, the stand called Pan and Tilt is just $29.99 can be purchased. The price of the product with Blink Mini is $ 59.99.

Solar panel support came to the outdoor smart security camera.

ring spotlight pro

Powered by Amazon and produced by a company called Ring security cameras also updated. Users can use the Ring Spotlight Pro security cameras whether they want wired, wireless or wireless. sun to energy panels they will be able to purchase. The price of the solar panel camera was announced as $ 249.99.

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