All the Innovations to Come with PUBG 18.2 Update

PUBG: Battlegrounds is gearing up to receive one of its biggest updates next week. The game will get a new map, weapon and vehicle with the update. In addition, many useful new features will be offered to players.

PUBG: Battlegrounds, which turned into the flagship of the battle royale genre when it was released, but has moved away from its former popularity today, is preparing to host an important update. With the new update, the game to a new map he can’t wait to play will meet..

PUBG: Battlegrounds, 18.2 update Along with a new map, it will also have the ‘Boosters’ feature that will be useful to you in this map. With this feature, players will have the ability to move vertically quickly with the help of ropes. The important features that are planned to be added to the game with the new update are as follows:

New map: Deston and Booster feature

Deston, with skyscrapers to a city area called Ripton, there will be a map that hosts various areas such as swamp zone, festival area, hydroelectric dam, arena and more. The map will allow for the new ‘Elevator’ add-on and the use of parachutes that can be unlocked after jumping from a certain height.

pubg booster

The riser feature will include a rope with one end at the top of structures such as tall buildings and the other end in the ground. Gamers, this rope Amplifier He will be able to use his vehicle to go down or go up by approaching from both ends. It is possible to move up or down on the rope with the movement keys.

Base stations:

pubg base station

Similar to the launchers found in Apex Legends, PUBG is adding its own launcher functionality to the game. With Base Stations, players will be able to jump up and down the station with the help of the Booster. That way, they’ll be able to get around faster than usual.

Visual changes on maps:

pubg map

In addition to these contents, the PUBG team is also present at some points on the maps. visual updates will do. While improving terrain on the Miramar map to make it easier to drive, inside and outside of small huts also renewed. In the oasis area, the water depth is aligned to the ankles of the characters on the shore and waist level in the middle. Also added new vehicle locations.

You will be able to produce your own cosmetics:

pubg cosmetics

With the PUBG: Battlegrounds 18.2 update, you can produce your own cosmetics for the game.Workshop‘ system is coming. With this system, players will be able to produce cosmetics that have not been seen before and do not exist in the game, using the materials they have.

Other innovations:

pubg workshop

  • Areas in Deston only accessible by drones
  • Security doors that can be opened with security keys
  • New weapon: O12 rapid pump
  • New vehicle: Swamp Boat

For detailed patch notes, click here. PUBG 18.2 update, on July 12 will be released for all players. But if you want to experience the update beforehand, download the test server you can install.


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