Alibaba Fires Female Abused Employee

Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, fired a female employee who said she was sexually assaulted by her manager. The company fired the manager that the female employee accused in the first days of the accusations.

Today, unfortunately, we encounter sexual harassment and assault scandals by executives in some of the world’s largest companies. Finally What we see at Tesla and Sony Chinese e-commerce giant is a new one of sexual harassment harassment scandals from Alibaba came.

According to a female employee, the woman lost consciousness in her hotel room after drinking on a business trip. sexually assaulted by his manager. exposed. However, the female employee stated that the customer kissed her during the business lunch, and the next day she woke up in her hotel room, dressed. The employee, who later accessed the hotel’s security cameras, said that his manager had entered his room four times during the night.

Alibaba fired its manager:

When the female employee returned to the company headquarters after her business trip, she complained about her manager to the management. However, when the management did not take any action against the manager, the employee made it public in August. The incident caused great controversy in China, and Alibaba, fired the director of the company, two company executives also resigned. In addition, the customer, whom the female employee said to have sexually harassed her, was also fired.

Alibaba signed another action that drew reaction:

After the events in the administration, Alibaba announced these events to the public. He also fired his female employee last month.. If the company is in the dismissal letter that the “accusations” damage the company’s reputation statements were included. Speaking to the government-backed Dahe Daily, the woman said:I didn’t make a mistake, so I won’t admit it. I will use all legal means to protect my rights.” he declared. Alibaba has not yet made a statement on the subject.


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