AirTags Can Have Very Dangerous Consequences for Dogs!

Apple’s tracking device, AirTag, can lead to very dangerous consequences for dogs, according to a new study. Research has revealed that countless dogs have swallowed AirTags to date.

US-based technology giant Apple, a few years ago “AirTagreleased the tracking device named “. to be followed was providing. AirTag, which has been very effective in tracking objects such as suitcases and bags until today, has been used by some consumers. position of pets Also used for tracking.

However, tracking a pet with AirTag is not easy. that you are not wise There have been remarkable developments. Posts made by AirTag owners themselves can be attributed to the tracking device being used by dogs. swallowed revealed. As you can imagine, this seriously jeopardizes the health of our furry friends.

Countless dogs have swallowed AirTag

*X-ray image of a dog swallowing an AirTag.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, a small veterinarian who had a checkup said it was approx. 1 every 3 months states that he has encountered dogs that have swallowed AirTag.

AirTag collar

The launch of AirTag has also mobilized product designers. In this context; Numerous AirTag pods dog collarcan be found with a simple Google search on the internet. However, most of them seem to fall short of ensuring AirTag and dog safety.

Some faulty designs allow Airtags to easily fall off the collars they are attached to. This is especially true in hyperactive dogs. As a result, the Airtag on your dog’s collar suddenly falls to the ground. We don’t even need to mention the insistence of dogs on eating things that should not be eaten… Conclusion; The game ends at the vet.


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Your dog’s AirTag ingestion can be deadly


The diameter of the AirTag, only 3.2 centimeters. This means that if a dog swallows an AirTag, the device can easily pass through their digestive system. Let’s say your dog swallowed an AirTag, the product could come out on its own through vomit or feces. However, the main issue here is what can happen if the AirTag is violated. AirTag, which is not a very durable product, is chewed, leaking battery inside may cause. This can lead to poisoning and even death of your dog.

Of course, Airtag isn’t the enemy of your dog, cat, or any other pet per se. However, flimsy and incorrectly designed collars can prevent this useful product from causing life-threatening injuries. If you are following our furry friend with AirTag, make sure that the collar you receive is safe.

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