Airdrop Coin Reached Half a Billion Dollar Market Value

Oracle network Pyth’s token achieved a market value of half a billion dollars after the airdrop.

Pyth project that meets the requirements More than 90 thousand wallets the other day 255 million tokens organized an airdrop.

According to Coinmarketcap data, PYTH token, for $0.54 After rising to 0.36 dollars, it fell to the level of 0.36 dollars.

Users who are eligible to benefit from the airdrop can register to receive their tokens. for 90 days They can apply.

PYTH, which will be used in the management of the project, has 1.5 billion tokens in circulation. The remaining 85% of supply is locked for the next 6-42 months.

Competing with Chainlink as an oracle network, Pyth, unlike it, supplies the data flow directly from the first hand, not from third parties.

According to Defi Llama data, the total value locked in Chainlink is 14.7 billion dollars, while this number is 1.6 billion dollars for Pyth Network.

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