Adobe VideoGigaGAN developed an artificial intelligence model!

Photoshop, Premier Pro And illustrator Known as the developer of popular graphics software such as Adobeaccelerates artificial intelligence studies. In this regard, the company VideoGigaGAN developed a new generative artificial intelligence model called. So what does this do? Here’s what’s on the agenda of the technology world VideoGigaGAN All you need to know about…

Adobewhich recently announced that it had developed VideoGigaGANan artificial intelligence model that can upscale low-quality videos up to eight times their original resolution, whose main purpose is video quality enhancement.

128 x 128 > 1024 x 1024

Adobe VideoGigaGAN technology, for example 128 x 128 pixels low resolution videos like 1024 x 1024 pixels total number of pixels by increasing the resolution 16 thousand 384‘skin 1 million 48 thousand 576and thus significantly improve image quality.

Adobe announced its new artificial intelligence model!

Adobe announced its new artificial intelligence model!

Adobe announced Firefly Image 3, its new artificial intelligence model for creating images, at an event in London today.

Same way 128 x 128 pixels a video size 512 x 512 pixels The resolution can also be increased. As a result, video quality can increase up to eight times. The company states that the artificial intelligence model offers a realistic image improvement by successfully preserving details such as human skin texture, wrinkles and hair strands.

Adobe, VideoGigaGAN The artificial intelligence model uses a stream-directed propagation module to ensure visual consistency between video frames. In addition, anti-aliasing technique is used to reduce artificial effects in videos and high frequency feature transfer technology is used to prevent sudden losses in details that may occur when switching to high resolution.

Adobe‘Fame VideoGigaGAN It is unknown when the artificial intelligence model will be available. However, the company is expected to include this technology in its applications in the coming periods. So for now, it would be better to wait for a new statement.

You can access sample videos whose resolution was increased with VideoGigaGAN by clicking here. We should point out that when you enter the website, the memory usage of the browser may increase.

So what do you think about this issue? Adobe How do you like this new artificial intelligence model for video quality improvement offered by? You can share your opinions with us in the Comments section below.

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