Actions that may cause you to be banned from WhatsApp!

WhatsApp has billions of users from all over the world, making it the most popular online messaging app. Popularity brings with it security problems. The company implements a number of policies to keep the application more secure and organized for users. Those who do not comply with these rules can be banned from WhatsApp for a while or even permanently. In this content, we will talk about the actions that may cause you to be banned from the application.

Gestures that can get you banned from WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which has started testing the message and story reporting feature within the application in the past weeks, can actually check whether each user complies with the application rules. If the system suspects that you have engaged in an abusive or offensive behavior, it will automatically put you in the suspect group in the background. Therefore, it is useful to know that you can be banned even if no one complains about you.

Using the unofficial WhatsApp application

Unofficial WhatsApp apps published on app stores by third-party developers have been quite common lately. Applications such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Go, WhatsApp Prime and OG WhatsApp are among them.

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While these apps are often used to enhance privacy and send larger files, it is against the WhatsApp terms of service. For this reason, you should use the official app. Otherwise, you may be permanently banned.


On the other hand, these applications are quite risky in terms of security and privacy. For example, on WhatsApp, your messages are protected by end-to-end encryption, so company employees cannot read it either. However, they can access your messages in unofficial apps.

Sending spam messages

You should not send offensive and unsolicited messages to the other person on WhatsApp. In this case, if your account is reported, the WhatsApp team will review the 5 most recent messages. Accordingly, if more than one complaint is made for the same reason and it is found that the application policies are violated, your account may be permanently banned.

sending spam messages

Sending the same message to more than one person on WhatsApp is called spam. Although this is sometimes done for advertising, the other user may be disturbed by this situation. As a precaution, the application allows to use the Forwarding feature for the same message up to 5 times as a precaution.


If you send the same message to many people, you enter the suspicious users group of WhatsApp. If you continue to do so, you may be suspended from the application for a few hours, days or weeks. If repeated, you can be permanently banned.

Threatening and discriminating

Although popular social media applications stand out with the freedom they offer, this also has a limitation. You should not send a threatening message to the other person on WhatsApp and should not discriminate based on religion, language, race or gender. In this case, your account may be reviewed and, if necessary, you may be permanently banned.

Attempting phishing

When you try to seize the other person’s account or personal information with methods such as Phishing on WhatsApp, you can be permanently banned from the application if it is reported. This is against the WhatsApp terms of use.


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