According to Research, Ethereum Rising Expectation Increases!

digital asset management company CoinShares According to the latest data released, the expectations of institutional investors from Ethereum continue to increase. The company prepared a report by completing the quarterly expectations survey with 43 different institutional investors.

According to the most recently published Digital Asset Quarterly Fund Manager survey, institutional investors Ethereum while the rise expectation rate is revised upwards bitcoin expectations declined.

“In the last 3 months, a big change has been observed in the expectations of investment experts for Ethereum. While 40% of investors were expecting an increase in the previous survey, this figure reached 60% by 2023.”

While the ETH expectation was rising, an important detail did not go unnoticed. In the previous survey, the rate of investors believing that Bitcoin will gain value was recorded as close to 40%. However, in the current situation, it is seen that the Bitcoin rise expectation has decreased to 30%.

What Is The Biggest Risk For Cryptocurrencies?

CoinShares asked institutional investors to assess the risks in the crypto industry as well as the bullish expectation.

Investors surveyed cited regulation, bans and market controls as the top three risk factors.

According to the previous survey, the number of investors who perceive the regulator as a greater risk has increased, while the rate of those who are worried about the bans has decreased from 35% to 25%.

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