According to NASA, We Will Dock on the Moon in 10 Years

Planning to return to the Moon once again with the Artemis mission, NASA thinks that people will settle on the Moon in the next 10 years. Thus, long-term experiments can be carried out on the Moon.

Recently, NASA Orion launched the Artemis 1 mission. Howard Hu, the head of NASA’s Orion mission, made interesting statements about the future of lunar missions.

Currently from the Moon about 130 thousand kilometers Hu, who made a statement when the Orion vehicle, which is located at a distance, was launched, used the phrase “A historic day for manned space flights.” The underlying meaning of this phrase may be deeper than we think.

We can start living on the Moon in the next 10 years.

Hu, who was a guest on a television program, said in his statements that Artemis the future too has explained. Reaffirming that the launch of the Orion vehicle is a historic mission for NASA, Hu said: “This is also a historic day for anyone who loves manned spaceflight and deep space exploration.” used the phrases.

go back to the moon with a sustainable program Expressing that it should be done, Hu stated that Orion will carry people to land on the Moon again. Then he reminded that if the current flight is successful, it will be renewed as manned. So from the last expedition in 1972 50 years later will set foot on the Moon again.

artemis 1

current taskyou are progressing well Hu said that all systems are working and the teams are working on the ignition, which will put the spacecraft in an orbit around the Moon.

One of the key stages of the Artemis 1 mission is ensuring the vehicle is landed safely on Earth. If the vehicle enters the atmosphere at a speed of 38 thousand kilometers per hour, the temperature to which the vehicle will be exposed 3000 degrees will be.

According to Hu’s statements Artemis 1 on the lunar surface in the continuation of his mission transition to settled life will accelerate, people will begin to live on the Moon in a 10-year period. for scientific purposes these studies will focus specifically on the presence of water at the Moon’s south pole. Thus, the Moon will become an important base for humanity to set foot on planets such as Mars.

Orion capsule on December 11 He will return to Earth.


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