A YouTuber’s Alien Story: Kidnapped and Fallen in Love

No longer influenced by men in the world, London Youtuber Abbie Bela talked about her being lifted into space by a UFO, her experiences there and her ‘unique love’.

We have heard and read a lot of ‘live events’ bullshit until today. But the story you are going to read right now makes the others look much more innocent. YouTuber Abbie Bela, who was very bored during the pandemic process and was not affected by the men here, said that one day she wanted an alien to abduct her on her channel. ‘joke’ made. It all started after this joke.

Bela, it’s all about an alien wanting to miss It says it started. The woman, who then began to have dreams of white light, heard a sound for the first time on May 31. Darned “Wait at the usual place” He had never heard the voice giving his command, but he knew well what it meant. The next evening he sat by the window and waited. By falling asleep around 00:15 UFO entered the field of view.

“I am one of those people who have had strange encounters in my life”:

  • Bela also drew a sketch that demanded a thousand witnesses that the alien she saw looked like anything.

Bela was not in her bedroom at that moment, but in a bright green ray channel that carried her to the UFO. He soon found himself in the heart of the flying saucer, where few people go. in UFO encountered five aliens. She couldn’t quite make out their bodies, the aliens telepathically told Bela she wasn’t ready to see them in their true form. But as far as he sees aliens tall, thin, light green-toned big body and to black eyes they had.

An example of courage: Many of you might be worried in an event like this, but Bela is used to such strange encounters. she was not afraid, moreover, she fell in love with an alien. The person who connects with the trouble feels the feelings he is experiencing. “Being in 100 times of love” defined as. Bela didn’t understand that description, but she felt exactly the same. But for these interstellar lovers relationships very critical with two obstacles encountered. First, it was against the rules for an alien to date a human, and second, Bela was supposed to leave Earth. Even though her boyfriend tries to convince her to be together and live in space by breaking the rules, Bela makes this proposal because she will have to stay away from Earth forever. could not accept. After the decision he made, he had to leave the UFO in 20 minutes because he had to return to earth.

We can be shy about earthly and alien relationships. But they didn’t just think about ‘coming out’ between species. Bela aims to be a pioneer in this field and interplanetary love normalize hopes. The famous Youtuber did not give up on his long distance relationship, even though he knew that his alien love was worried about being caught by the CIA. Despite all these difficulties, she knows that her lover will visit her again and she is waiting for that day. For those who want an alien life partner.