A Woman Finds AirTag Secretly Placed In Her Car

An unidentified woman living in America found a tracking device in her car. The woman, who was shocked when she encountered the device that did not belong to her, immediately applied to the security forces. There is no information yet about who placed the tracking device and for what purpose.

In recent years, it is a very functional tool to prevent the loss of items by various brands. tracking devices being produced. AirTag, Apple’s coin-sized tracker not wanted to be lost on Apple devices by attaching to Find working with app.

However, as all technological tools are useful, sometimes depending on how they are used. become dangerous he can come. A woman living in Arkansas, USA, experienced an event that could be an example of the abuse of technological tools. The young woman came across an AirTag secretly placed in her car.

Young woman found AirTag in her car

The covert deployment of tracking devices can be a gruesome example of how high technology is used for surveillance and harassment. A young woman living in the United States first had a problem on her iPhone about the connection of the tracker. with notification encountered. To an AirTag because he doesn’t have He was shocked to come across such a notification. Fearfully trying to locate the device, the woman saw the AirTag taped to the trunk of her car. The woman who applied to the police with the device, investigation of the culprits filed a lawsuit for development did not happen.


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Tracking devices, which have been released by various brands in recent years, have been used by malicious people by placing such tools in bags, wallets or cars. can abuse It has become an easily accessible tool. With occasional updates to these devices security precautions but to ensure complete security not possible looks like. Being followed, being watched, regardless of gender or location worrying against such devices. being careful There are benefits.

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