A tribute to myself

How is Dieter Bohlen holding up at home in the near future? Is Joe Biden attacking England? And why are cemeteries good dating places? New sweetheart stories.

E.Only now are the dire upheavals in the British royal family really clear. “Duchess Kate – skinny shock – she weighs only 50 kilos – so much she suffers from Meghan’s scandalous interview,” headlines In . Worldview confirmed: Monarchies shake and families break up – the most blatant story for such papers is still when a woman is supposedly too thin or too fat.

Seriously Ill! Camilla leaves him in the lurch, ”announces the echo of the woman , and the readership knows immediately: For months the magazine has been crazy about the legend that the heir to the throne suffers from Alzheimer’s. This time, however, it is about Charles’ Covid infection from 2020: “With long-term effects such as headache, rapid fatigue and joint pain, he still struggles to this day.” No more word about Alzheimer’s: Does that mean , Echo der Frau , he is cured?

How is Prince Charles?
How is Prince Charles? :Image: Reuters

The latest allegations that Harry made his father had played into the hands of the paper with his narrative: Maybe that’s why Charles no longer answers the phone because he has forgotten who this Harry actually is.

The latest finally prints the headline: “Harry & Meghan – The Queen is serious! Accounts blocked! Now there is war! ”That is indeed worrying: where Joe Biden is just so contentious and calls Putin a murderer, he ends up starting a war of aggression against the English, the old racists and colonists, and then appoints Meghan as the new head of state . 

Such a calm

One more question to Frau im Spiegel , who writes about Harry and Meghan: “You didn’t talk to Oprah for money, they say in their environment.” Is such an environment another, so a very, very broad field? Unfortunately, we can no longer ask Günter Grass. We could do Ursula Andress, because she is, as Bild puts it, a “living immortal”. A deceased immortal would be nonsense or an oxymoron.

Before it gets too morbid, we would like to repeat what Mimi Fiedler said of Woman’s Week : “’Cemeteries are good dating places,’ explains the actress. “It’s such a calm. And there is something romantic about the benches there! ‘”And not only that: Many of the people you meet there are very new singles. Some also have pretty flowers with them, which can only be an advantage on a date.

About the worst kiss of her life, Barbara Schöneberger Gala reveals that it was “very wet and tasted like Fisherman’s Friend”. We would say: Better to Fisherman’s Friend than Fisherman’s Fish.

Joy of the asparagus

When asked about the Bunte question , singer Jasmin Wagner also thinks of culinary matters: “How did you notice that you had grown up?” Her answer: “By starting to invest in designer furniture and getting ready for the asparagus season pleased. ”Even then, we are still a long way from growing up because we don’t care about asparagus. In the case of Wagner, by the way, we actually expected the answer: “By finally dropping your silly artist name ‘Blümchen’.

Finally grown up: "Blümchen" Jasmin Wagner
Finally grown up: “Blümchen” Jasmin Wagner :Image: dpa

Actress Margarita Broich, 60, has no problem with growing up, explains in the Neue Blatt : “Today I don’t have to think about how I will shape my whole life. I’m too old to fail – a big advantage! ”Armin Laschet, also 60, can therefore go into the upcoming elections very calmly, he can’t fail.

As naturally as possible

At the age of 17, Verona Pooth’s son San Diego is still at the very beginning of his career. He is now appearing on a series and tells In that his mother has “already given him helpful tips”. For example? “That I shouldn’t pretend and be as natural as possible.” Not pretend as an actor? We guess Robert De Niro never heard such advice from his mother, but his most famous film wasn’t a spinach commercial either.

The fact that Pooth’s short-term husband Dieter Bohlen stops at RTL is cause for In to worry about his marriage – Bohlen once said that for him “there is really nothing worse than sitting at home and being bored”. In the first lockdown he complained: “We sit on top of each other for 24 hours. To be honest, Carina has the worst of it – because, of course, she has to clean the house a bit too. ”Poor Carina – because the longer Bohlen sits in the house, the more he can get it dirty.

Bohlen should take an example from Barbara Becker, the Gala reports that she regularly “meets with herself” at home, for example at a “bathing ceremony”: “I use the silence and rest to get closer to myself. I take responsibility for myself and have become much more consistent with myself. ”According to Becker, it is“ an homage to myself ”. We would have deserved such a homage to ourselves, unfortunately, due to the lack of a bathtub, we would only have a shower ceremony. Fortunately, at least, that our bathroom is so tiny: you can’t get any closer to yourself.