A Pilot Draws a Penis Shape in the Sky

A pilot taking off with a Diamond DA42 type plane drew a penis in the sky. The pilot added the phrase “see ya” to this penis and completed his 6-hour journey without any problems.

A pilot in the USA, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, has accomplished a rare feat. Diamond DA42 The pilot, who took off with a type plane, created a penis-shaped route in the sky and wrote “see ya”, which means “See ya”, and landed at an airport in Ohio. While it is unknown why the pilot did such a thing, the route he drew in the sky is the world’s most popular radar tracking platform. flightradar24It was recorded in .

The plane took off at 20.47 local time on February 24. for 6 hours remained in the air. The pilot, who made an interesting signature in the sky during this process, then completed the flight calmly. Meanwhile; Although the incident was shared by Flightradar24, no authorized institution or person has any information regarding the issue. did not make a statement. So why something like this happened remains a big mystery.

Here is the flight route recorded by Flightradar24:

According to the investigations, the Diamond DA42 type aircraft to a private flight school It was found to be registered. In fact, with this determination, it has become more or less clear why this incident occurred. The phrase “See you” on the route was most likely written after a student completed his education. Most likely, a pilot who is registered at the flight school in question and has successfully completed his training, just for fun He had undertaken such a work.

If you are wondering what kind of application Flightradar24 is:


Application Where You Can Track All Planes in the Sky: Flightradar24

This incident is not the first attempt to draw a penis shape in the sky. Last year, a pilot got angry because he couldn’t land. in an area of ​​24 kilometers penis shape had drawn. Additionally, from time to time, companies such as Turkish Airlines can draw various shapes in the sky. For example, on April 23, 2020, the aircraft coded “TK1920” moon and stars in the sky had drawn.

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