“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Release Date Announced

The new series A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, set in the Game of Thrones universe, will be broadcast in late 2025.

Warner Bros. Company CEO speaking at Discovery’s last investor meeting David Zaslavannounced the date for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, the new spin-off series of Game of Thrones. The series will be released in late 2025. George R. R. Martin It will be adapted from the books.

Zaslav, in his statement “To be published in 2025 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms For George R.R. Martin, a new spin-off series is in pre-production.” he said. Although Martin wants this production to focus on a single book, the production company wants to adapt all 3 books into a series.

Plot of the TV series A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Two characters known as Dunk and Egg, knights Ser Duncan the Tall and his aide nicknamed Egg Aegon V TargaryenThe three-book series, starring , consists of three books called The Hedge Knight, Tales of Dunk and Egg and Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, which are already in the pre-development phase. game of Thrones We also heard about their productions.

Young and somewhat naive, the brave Ser Duncan the Tall and his diminutive squire Aegon V TargaryenThe work, which tells the adventures of , takes place about 100 years before the Game of Thrones series. Of course, the story will be full of action, drama, intrigue and danger. As additional information, the name of the 2nd episode of the 8th season of Game of Thrones was the same.

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