A First For Adele’s New Album From Spotify

Spotify broke new ground in Adele’s new album named “30” and removed the ‘Shuffle’ button on the album page. Listeners will still be able to listen to the album in shuffle on the ‘Now Playing’ page.

Spotify, the most popular music platform today, allows you to shuffle songs in albums along with playlists. ‘shuffle play‘, although this feature is a savior for those who do not want to listen to the album in the same order all the time, it is also disliked by many artists as it disrupts the course of the album that the artists have carefully prepared.

The other day, the platform broke new ground in this regard. Spotify removed the shuffle option on British singer Adele’s new album “30”. Thus, the album appears on the home page. make it listenable in original order came. On the other hand, this situation only for Premium users became valid. Those who use Spotify for free will listen because they couldn’t choose the songs, they still have to play the album mixed.

Adele requested the removal of the mixed volatile feature

Spotify didn’t remove the shuffle play feature on its own. Responding to the news shared by Pop Crave on Twitter, Adele said, “This was the only request I had in our ever-changing industry! We don’t put albums on our playlist with such care and thought for nothing. Our art tells a story, and our stories should be listened to the way we want. Thanks for listening Spotify.” made statements.

New discussions also opened

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On the other hand, this innovation made by Spotify for Adele, which will probably continue, also opened the door to new discussions. Many users under Adele’s post “I listen to what I want to listen to”, while some users expressed that they agreed with this request of the artist.


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But there was something that those who complained about this issue were not aware of: The shuffle play feature was only removed from the album’s page. The album will reappear in the ‘Now Playing’ interface when it starts playing. can be played mixed. In other words, users who want to play shuffle only need to touch their fingers to the screen 2 more times..

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