A first application that makes plates smarter in Turkey and in the world: Plodsi

A first in Turkey and in the world, the Plodsi Smart Plate Application allows the license plate to become a payment platform by matching the license plate with a credit card or digital wallet. Users who add their license plate to Plodsi can make all payments from fuel to insurance, from professional driver to tow truck through the application.

It can be downloaded for free on smartphones.

Plodsi, which was established in 2020 with the aim of creating added value to the Fintek ecosystem and users, offers users the opportunity to pay all the expenses of their vehicles through the plate. With the Smart Plate application, users can manage their expenses such as fuel, parking, insurance, washing, towed vehicle notification and professional driver on a single platform. Working integrated with the credit cards of the vehicle owners, Plodsi Smart Plate provides service with a 100 percent secure infrastructure.

Plodsi Smart Plate application can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android phones. Users can enter the world of Smart Plates by entering their license plate, phone and payment option. In order to take advantage of the Smart Plate privileges, it should be said that payment will be made by plate in places where payment is made. After the users confirm the fee that appears on the phone screen, the payment process is completed.

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Various campaigns and discounts

Plodsi Smart Plate offers its users many advantages such as various campaigns and instant discount opportunities. In Plodsi, which provides direct integration with institutions and business partners for services, fuel, insurance, towing, parking, professional driver, car wash, road assistance, where is my towed vehicle services are offered.

Plodsi’s business partners include Aytemiz, Joint Payment, ISPARK, Istmop, Remed Assistance, Sigortayeri, Turkcell, Webhelp and Ziebart.

car related tüm needs are tracked from a single point

Plodsi Founding Partner Koray Peközkay said that thanks to the Plodsi Smart Plate application, they provide users with the opportunity to track and manage all their automobile-related needs from a single point, “Users have the opportunity to pay remotely and mobile for all vehicle-related payments, in addition, they save on vehicle expenses. We offer reliable and quality service with leading brands.

With our collaborations, we provide instant discounts, more fuel for the same price and additional campaigns. Very soon, we will continue to integrate many services such as tyres, maintenance-repair, charging station payments for electric vehicles, micro-credit into Plodsi. In addition to all these, very soon our users will be able to follow their monthly and annual vehicle expenses and make all payments without interruption.

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