A Diver In Israel Finds A 900-Year-Old Sword

A 900-year-old sword thought to belong to a Crusader knight was found underwater by an amateur diver. The sword will be exhibited in a museum in Israel after maintenance and analysis.

Shlomi Katzin, an amateur diver in Israel, while diving off the shores of Carmel a sword found it. It is estimated that the sword found as a result of the investigations belonged to a knight who fell into the sea during the conflict.

When the sword that the amateur diver accidentally found is examined, it is about 900 years ago turned out to belong. The sword, which weighs four kilograms and is more than a meter long, is thought to date from the third Crusades.

900-year-old sword found accidentally under Mediterranean waters


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The sword that Shlomi Katzin found by chance was determined to be 900 years old. Katzin, who is an amateur diver, says that he has come across historical remains such as pottery from time to time, but no discovery so far has been found so far. not impressive stated. The diver delivered the sword to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAO). Katzin was given a certificate of appreciation for handing over the historical artifact to the state. After examining and cleaning the sword, which was rusted by the effect of water and covered with sea creatures, It will be exhibited in a museum in Israel. specified.

Kobi Sharbit, a researcher from IAO, emphasized that they have encountered swords dating back hundreds of years before, but this sword, which has been well preserved for centuries, is a first for its use. Sharbit, this sword during the Crusades to a knight who fell overboard or lost the battle He said he thought it might belong. After reporters asked about the financial value of the sword, researcher Sharvit “priceless” He replied and added: Every artifact we find is of course valuable, but this very, very special. Sencountering knights, armors and swords time travel taking it out. The sword of this centuries-old sword at the bottom of the sea by the displacement of sand is thought to have arisen.

Diver Finds Sword Recorded with GoPro


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