A date has been given for the second season of One Piece

Netflix’s One Piece anime adaptation managed to attract great attention. A second season has been approved for the series, which turned the charts upside down with its first season. Within the scope of the statement from Netflix: One Piece second season date It became clear.

According to Netflix’s reports One Piece second season in 2025 will be released. The series, which was first broadcast in 2023, will continue with new episodes after a one-year break. The great popularity of the first season will be continued with the adventures of the second season.

Production on the second season is scheduled to begin in June and wrap up in January. This also coincides with the approximately six-month shooting schedule for the first season. The adapted series, which premiered on Netflix last August, managed to become the most watched production in its first weekend in 84 countries.

New One Piece anime is coming from Netflix!

New One Piece anime is coming from Netflix!

Netflix announced that it is working on the One Piece anime. After the adaptation, he announced that they would prepare a brand new anime.

Steven Maeda, the co-showrunner for the first season, will executive produce the second season. Joe Tracz, who will produce the series, directed the Percy Jackson series, which last aired on Disney +. Matt Owens will also remain co-showrunner.

Netflix also gave the good news a while ago that it would develop a One Piece anime. Wit Studio, known for its works such as Attack on Titan and Spy X Family, will prepare the new series. According to the company’s statement, viewers will see Wit Studio’s “high-level animation skills” in this production as well.

It is possible to say that the One Piece world will expand with the new season of the series and the anime. It looks like we will continue to hear about the series in 2025.

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