A Critical Bug in Apple Maps Has Been Silently Fixed

According to the information revealed today, a critical error in Apple Maps has allowed 3rd party applications to access your location without permission. Moreover, Apple admits that it has quietly fixed this bug with the iOS 16.3 update.

Map applications used by almost everyone aim to make life easier for users with new features. Of course, when it comes to the maps application, Google Maps and Apple’s own map application usually come to mind first.

Electric in the past few months bike-specific routes and location scoring A very serious deficit was discovered in Apple Maps, which offers features such as: With the iOS 16.3 update released recently fixed in secret Thanks to this vulnerability, dozens of applications may have accessed your location information without your permission.

So what was this reveal?

Thanks to location permissions on both iOS and Android devices, users which apps can access the location and he could choose whether these apps would see the approximate location or the exact location. However, the Apple Maps app bypasses these privacy permissions as soon as you open the app. it was showing you your exact location even if you didn’t allow it. Although this situation was deliberately set by Apple for the application to work, due to a flaw in the application, users could see the exact location via Apple Maps in other applications.

First Brazilian journalist Rodrigo Ghedin This gap, noticed by Uber’s food service rival in Brazil, Appeared when using by iFood. Allegedly, iFood takes advantage of this vulnerability to track users’ locations without their permission and advises them based on the restaurants they go to.a personalized experience” he offered. Of course, this vulnerability did not attract much attention outside of Brazil when it first appeared, but Apple engineers, who realized the vulnerability, released the iOS 16.3 update released the other day. announced that they fixed this issue.

In the statement made by Apple, it was stated that it was necessary for the application to exceed the privacy permissions of the Maps application, while it was not explained how 3rd party applications could access location information through Apple Maps.


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This issue, which is still seen in users who do not update their iPhone to iOS 16.3, can cause some malicious apps to access your location information involuntarily and may cause your location information to be used for marketing and advertising purposes. Apple officials have not yet made a statement about which applications are using this vulnerability.

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