921 Ether Collected From Token Sale Stuck In Network: Solution Found!

Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution zkSync has announced that it has found a solution to release the multi-million dollar ETH of the Gemholic (GEMS) project.

Gemholic project operating on zkSync 1.7 million dollar 921 ETH After getting stuck in the smart contract, the team made a statement that a solution was found.

gemholic held on April 5, IDO (first Dex supply) previously on zkSync. not testing due to some facing problems came. Proceeds from the project’s token sale 921 ETH worth $1.7 millionwith zkSync incompatible One code in smart contract due to the use of stuck on.

The problem is that zkSync Era, zkSync’s mainnet, is running on Ethereum. not compatible Ethereum equivalent all code running on the network not support was stated. According to the information given Gemholic, on zkSync unsupported One code funds Tried to transfer.

To project users, zkSync’s developer team Matter Labs with contact passed and to solve the problem to the studies is being continued reported. Also, the project salvage of assets continuation of the project whether you will contributed to the pre-sale users will determine expressed.

What ZkSync has done on the subject in the statementassets forever stuck in contract won’t stay and stated that they found a solution to the problem. The developer team always provides its users with such problems. helper while expressing that it will still be in the testnet without being tried such problems in contracts put into operation on the main network. that you can live underlined.

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