8 Features Coming to Instagram Soon

Instagram, one of the most preferred social media platforms in the world, is preparing to offer its users 8 new features such as selling NFTs, liking the Story and adding music to the posts in the near future.

Alessandro Paluzzi, who announced the features that will come to Instagram with his leaks so far, recently announced some new features that make content producers especially happy.

Among the most remarkable new features of the platform, which shows that it keeps up with constantly renewed trends, it is among the most striking new features of the platform that has taken the entire digital world by storm in the last few months. NFT sales and in-chat message search has features. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at this list, which shows that many new features will come to the stories and posts you will share on the platform.

Search specific to interests

Interest-based searches, an extension of Instagram’s search feature, currently only available to the likes of users living in certain regions in presented condition. If a topic is searched on Instagram, users will be able to view accounts, posts or stories related to that topic. Thanks to this feature, which Instagram is preparing to offer to all its users in the near future, for example, when we make a search for healthy nutrition, we come across it. accounts dealing with this topic will come out.

Selling NFT collections

instagram nft collectibles

As you know, digital artifact NFTs, which can be protected thanks to blockchain technology, can be sold for very large sums from time to time. previously performed only on certain websites or platforms. On Instagram close to NFT sales will place.

Instagram has not yet officially announced this new feature, which it calls Collectibles, but the first person to discover this feature, dwho can always hit 12 with the predictions he made before Alessandro Paluzzi. Paluzzi recently shared a short video on how this new feature will look on the platform.

Likes feature coming to stories

instagram story like

To date, those who follow us have been able to react to the stories we have shared on Instagram through emojis. The only data we got from stories was the number of views, but it turns out that stories are just will not be limited to viewers.

Currently working on the Like option for the Stories feature, Instagram is preparing to offer this feature to all its users in the near future. According to Paluzzi, this Like button, hIt will be located in the lower right corner of the And the more followers want to increase the number of likes, the more they will be able to click this button.

Option to add music to posts

music to instagram posts

The music feature that we have been able to add to Stories so far, it seems, will come to the posts we share soon. If Instagram decides to offer this new feature that it is working on, users, music to your posts, such as photos or videos. they can add.

Instagram is working on Fan Club

instagram fan club

Aiming to bring more engagement to the platform, Instagram is a platform for content producers like Twitter SuperFollows or OnlyFans. a subscription-based fan club to open will enable. Thanks to the fan club, content producers will be able to share posts that only their subscribers can see and be connected to their fans. will be able to generate income through this system..

24-hour status determination

instagram status determination

Just like messaging apps like WhatsApp and Slack, Instagram also offers its users. “at work” is “busy”, “happy” It will offer status determination feature to be displayed on profiles such as Users can choose one of the situations suitable for them.k this status to appear on their profile for 24 hours can provide.

Users will be able to view account status reports

instagram account status report

According to Paluzzi’s statement, Instagram is working on a new report system so that users can clearly view the status of their accounts. Thanks to this report system, users can Request a review of Instagram’s removed posts can be found, Whether or not you are posting against Instagram rules. they can view.

Finally: Message search feature in chat is coming

  Instagram chat message search feature

The in-chat message search feature, which has been in WhatsApp for a long time and makes the work of users much easier, seems to finally be coming to Instagram. It is not known when this feature, which was first displayed by Paluzzi in August, will be offered to users, but Instagram has already sent its users for this feature, which should have been for a long time. don’t wait any longer envisaged.