7-seater electric SUV: VOLVO EX90!

Electric cars are getting more and more popular day by day. While cars that use cleaner energy are coming to the market every day, Volvo Cars, one of the leading companies in the market, introduced its new all-electric SUV, the Volvo EX90. We reviewed the Volvo EX90 at CES 2023.

We saw the VOLVO EX90


Volvo Cars stated that it will introduce a new fully electric car every year, starting with the Volvo EX90; In line with its electrification goals, one of the most ambitious in the automotive industry, it plans to sell only fully electric cars by 2030. It also aims to be a climate neutral company by 2040.

Introducing the new all-electric flagship, the Volvo EX90, reflecting its Swedish roots, in Stockholm, Volvo Cars’ model, reflecting its global footprint, will be produced in the USA and later in China from next year. Until then, these two production facilities are targeted to be climate neutral.

A new classic in Scandinavian design, the vehicle defines the principle of form followed by function. The Volvo EX90 combines the latest technologies in its core processor, connectivity and electrification to optimize safety, efficiency and aesthetics. It draws attention as a versatile, stylish family car with modern proportions.

The standard safety features of the Volvo EX90 are at a higher level than any previous Volvo. The Volvo EX90 is a car designed to understand its user and his environment, and to keep passengers and others in the traffic safe. In addition, it has the potential to become a smarter and safer car every day, thanks to the updates it learns from the new data it collects and the updates it receives.

Inside and outside the Volvo EX90 is an invisible safety shield provided by the latest sensing technologies. State-of-the-art sensors such as cameras, radars and Lidar are connected to the car’s high-performance core computers.

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