7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Happened in Taiwan

While Taiwan woke up to a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, it was learned that the tsunami danger continues in the region. The number of casualties is currently unknown.

Far East and Southeast Asia often with earthquakes continues to come to the fore. Finally TaiwanAccording to the statements of official authorities 7.2 magnitude was shaken by an earthquake. The US Geological Survey measured the magnitude of the earthquake as 7.4. It was stated that the danger of tsunami continued after the earthquake. According to initial estimates, the death toll in the earthquake was four, while 57 people were injured.

After the earthquake that occurred around 8 o’clock local time, in Hualien It was stated that a five-storey building suffered severe damage, and the first floor of the building collapsed. While schools were evacuated, students gathered in sports fields. The plaster and marble on the walls of some buildings fell off.

Transportation took a big hit

The earthquake also transportation infrastructure He also shot. Railways and highways became unusable in some places. On the other hand, although the earthquake occurred at the time when everyone was leaving for work, initial panic is over specified. Taiwan, which experiences frequent earthquakes, frequently conducts drills to prepare its people for earthquakes.

Authorities announced that they did not send warnings to the public because they did not expect such a large earthquake. Although Taiwan has a nationwide earthquake warning system, the earthquake that experts expected Because it has a magnitude of 4 No warning was given.

Now there is a possible threat to the coastal regions of the country. against tsunami precautions are being taken. It is stated that the earthquake, which was also felt in surrounding countries, occurred 18 km southwest of Hualien and at a depth of 33 kilometers.


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