5-Year Forecast for the Cryptocurrency Market from the Wall Street Giant: It Will Exceed 10 Times!

Analysts of Wall Street’s giant institution Bernstein attracted attention with the positive report they presented regarding the future of the cryptocurrency market.

Bernstein analysts led by Gautam Chhugani Monday, September 25 In a report published today, he shed light on the near future of the cryptocurrency market. The report notes that the crypto fund management industry is currently 45-50 billion dollars Analysts stated that this amount is hovering around the level of next five years inside to the level of 500-650 billion dollars He stated that he could reach it.

However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange traded funds (ETFs) The report suggests that it will stop making excuses about the issue and choose the middle path. Possibility of ETFs approval in early 2024 He argued that it was high.

Analysts say about approx. Funding increase exceeding 10 times He emphasized that the increasing demand will be fed by ETF volume in addition to investment advisors, assets and private banking products.

Especially in increasing market volume Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) for market value A 10% ETF share and for liquid crypto hedge funds a share of 5-6% Analysts will enter the market thanks to ETFs liquidity pointed out its importance.

Moreover stablecoins adoption as a payment method tokenization While he stated that it paved the way for the development of this type of structure over time, mainstream It has been suggested that it may become

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