5 Altcoins are on the Agenda with Whale Transactions: Sent to Stock Exchanges!

In a day full of notable altcoin transactions, the big players in the crypto world made their mark once again. According to data from Scopescan, The Data Nerd and Ember Monitoring, several whale addresses made significant moves today.

LINK whale took action

One of the most significant transactions of the day involved a LINK whale address starting with 0xaF967. This address, which has been holding LINK for an impressive 3-5 years, transferred 112,700 LINK tokens to the popular exchange Kraken. This whale address currently holds approximately 500,000 LINK in total. This move has raised eyebrows in the crypto community as it could mean changing strategies for this long-term holder.

New altcoin address attracted ARB to your wallet

A newly created cryptocurrency address attracted attention by attracting 5.02 million ARB, equivalent to approximately $4.07 million, from both OKX and Binance. The sudden movement of such a significant amount of ARB from a new address is bound to spark speculation and curiosity among crypto enthusiasts.

Big transfer for IMX: Altcoin price dropped

IMX experienced another important development today, following the significant fluctuation it experienced on September 21. Upbit transferred 10.802 million IMX tokens, worth approximately $4.8 million, to Binance and OKX. Interestingly, following this transfer, the price of IMX dropped by approximately 24%, causing traders and investors to consider the implications of this big move.

FRONT whale experiences profit increase

The Data Nerd’s data tracking revealed that the FRONT price has tripled in the past month. In light of this increase, a prominent whale address starting with 0x861 made a strategic move by transferring 4 million FRONT tokens worth $1.4 million to Binance. Remarkably, if this whale decides to sell now, he will make a significant profit of $600,000 and will hold 3 million FRONT tokens worth $1.27 million.

The whale attracted a large amount of CRV

Finally, Ember Monitoring reported that whale 0xdf1 has been quite active over the past three days, withdrawing a total of 19.56 million CRV tokens from Binance, worth an impressive $10.2 million. The average withdrawal price for this big heist is around $0.5 per CRV token. A series of such withdrawals from a single whale address indicates a significant shift in their portfolio. As cryptocurrency markets continue to exhibit their characteristic fluctuations, these notable transactions serve as a reminder of the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of the crypto space. Investors and enthusiasts will undoubtedly follow the results and effects of these moves closely in the coming days.

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