35 Slices of Baklava Entered into the Oven in Masterchef as 42 Slices

Even though we know that almost everything we see on television is fiction, sometimes the little mistakes of the teams can have funny results. A good example of this was experienced in Masterchef. Baklavas, which entered the oven as 35 slices, came out as 42 slices after cooking.

In fact, not much evidence is needed to understand that almost every program we see on television screens is fiction. These programs, which have a budget, a fixed broadcast schedule, and a rating to catch, of course do not leave their work to chance; by a huge team working in the back are written and directed. Shots are made over and over again; The same scene is sometimes set two days in a row, and as such, glitches and mistakes are inevitable.

But of course, just as an unexpected carelessness or an error in a scene of a series can attract attention, the same is true for programs. Masterchef, one of the most popular programs in our country, is of this type. a little mistake, with a funny result. In a tray of baklava prepared in the program, the slices increased after cooking.

We counted, 35 slices:


How Was Television Invented, Which We Can’t Imagine Without Today?

In the program, in a scene where the team is making baklava together, the baklavas are carefully sliced, and they even make a small calculation while slicing. Baklava, which is sliced ​​while it is not yet cooked, is divided into 35 slices and given to a beautiful oven. Then baklavas fried like pomegranate, coming out of the oven to be sherbet, 42 slices comes out as

If you want to take a look at the video where the baklavas are multiplied as if they came out of the Nasreddin Hodja joke; You can check out the scenes at 14:11 and 16:30 in the video below.