3 Critical Dates Announced For Ethereum! “These Levels Are Coming”

The dates for the Ethereum merge, which is expected to take place in September, have become clear. With the radical change, experts are raising the bar in price expectations.

3 critical dates announced for Ethereum merge

Ethereum Foundation members reported that the merge that will enable the transition to PoS in Ethereum will take place on September 15-16. As before, these date webs may change depending on developments in the network. Meanwhile, the Goerli testnet reunion completed today without any major glitches. This means that Ethereum mainnet can complete the merge without delay.

Merge will be completed in two phases

Ethereum will go through two more phases before the merge is complete. The two updates, named “Bellatrix” and “Paris”, respectively, will be upgrades applied to the Ethereum network on the way to the merge. The developers shared that “Bellatrix” will take place on September 6th. The final part of the upgrade, known as “Paris”, will take place when the Ethereum hash rate reaches a certain level. This is currently expected to happen on September 15.

As a result, the Ethereum network will have a busy September network. The elevations and dates to be noted are as follows:

  • Merge that will enable the transition to PoS in Ethereum: September 15-16
  • Bellatrix update: September 6
  • Paris update: September 15

Ethereum Goerli testnet successfully migrated to PoS

After Ropsten and Sepolia, Goerli became the last testnet on the way to the ETH merger. The Goerli testnet is the final stage where Ethereum will go through the merge to reach the PoS Blockchain. Testnet completed today without any major glitches. Many developers in the ecosystem shared their excitement about the successful merge on social media.

On the other hand, there were some minor issues in the previous two test phases. ETH developer Marius van der Wijden explained that there was a bit of confusion as two different terminal blocks and a large number of non-updating nodes slowed the network down, but things were still going well. The main Ethereum developer Tim Beiko also shared a screenshot as soon as Goerli switched to PoS.

Analysts raise the bar

T3 Trading Group chief strategist Scott Redler said that ETH price is on the way to $2,100. If the Reds are correct, the bullish price target means that the second-largest cryptocurrency is on its way to up another 10%. ETH is currently hovering above $1,900 again after a series of attempts.

The technical analyst is confident that the second-largest cryptocurrency could rise even higher after it recently broke the $1,792 level. Holding above this key price point will later open the door to the $2,100 level. Also, Redler says that Bitcoin is on its way to regain the $26,000 level.

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