3.48 Billion-Year-Old Fossil ‘Looks Like It Came From Mars’

Fossils 3.48 billion years old have been found in Australia. The remains, one of the oldest evidences for life on Earth, also provide important findings about the search for life on Mars.

West of Australia, on our planet about the first traces of life There has been an important development. Scientists found stromatolites that were found to be 3.48 billion years ago as part of a study they conducted in the region. To put the term “stromatolite” roughly, this substance is a component of photosynthesizing microorganisms. excrement can be summarized as the rockification of the layers.

If you think that the findings from 3.48 billion years ago are the first sign of life on Earth, you are wrong. in Greenland, 3.7 billion years Similar structures from the past have already been found. In addition, ongoing studies in Canada, 4.29 billion years This suggests that stromatolites that formed earlier may have been found. News from Australia, one of the oldest signs of life can be considered as one.

How were traces of life found in 3.48 billion-year-old rock?

Rocks found to date back to 3.48 billion years ago organic matter The issue of whether or not it contains has created controversy. To end these discussions, the scientists who took the sample to France benefited from high-resolution 2 and 3 dimensional imaging techniques. The result of the study was clear. Scientists had detected traces of micro-organic material in some layers of the rocks. So these rocks are not natural events, by living organisms had been created.


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These rocks can provide important information for the search for life on Mars!

Findings in Australia could have important implications for the search for life on Mars. Because scientists have discovered that the surface of these rocks covered with iron oxide they detected. This reaction was also the cause of the rusty orange color you can see in the photo. Experts say that the color of Mars and stromatolites is similar, thanks to the latest findings. work on Mars They think they can be given direction. Scientists who made statements on the subject “Some of the analysis here should be considered as a trial run of the analyzes we will have to do when we get material from Mars, that is, about ten years from now.‘ they used.


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