22 Foreign Brands Purchased by Turkish Companies

Companies that want to grow and strengthen their power can become partners in companies from their own sector or the sectors they want to enter, or even purchase entire companies in their commercial activities. So, what is the situation of Turkish companies in purchasing foreign companies?

Being successful in the trading arena is not easy, as expected. Companies have to make many difficult decisions in order to survive in this difficult journey and be remembered for their success. Of these difficult and important decisions, undoubtedly one of the most important, growth strategies.

Companies make acquisitions within the scope of their growth strategies. to consolidate its place in the industry and they aim to take a stronger stance against their rivals. These purchases are sometimes to new markets or to expand into sectors, or sometimes to benefit from the opportunities and power of other companies they partner with.

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In this content, we will talk about the foreign companies purchased by Turkish companies. Let’s see which foreign companies our country’s companies have acquired?

Yıldız Holding, which we know with the Ülker brand; Godiva had acquired DeMet’s Candy and United Biscuits.

Yıldız Holding, which purchased all shares of the Belgian-based luxury chocolate brand Godiva in 2007, acquired the confectionery and snacks producer company in 2013. based in america He had purchased the entirety of DeMet’s Candy.

Yıldız Holding, which cannot get enough of acquisitions, in 2014 UK based It acquired all the shares of the biscuit brand United Biscuits.

These three companies, which are currently entirely owned by Yıldız Holding, are It is under the Pladis company.

Eczacıbaşı acquired Gensenta, Engers, Burgbad and Villeroy & Boch.

pharmacist brands

In the fields of building products, consumer products and healthcare The operating Eczacıbaşı group also made many acquisitions.

Eczacıbaşı Building Group was established in 2005 based in Germany purchased all shares of the ceramics company Engers. And again in 2007 based in Germany By purchasing V&B Fliesen GmbH, it acquired the entire ceramics brand Villeroy & Boch.

In 2008, based in Germany Eczacıbaşı, which continues to grow by purchasing 47.16% of the shares of Burgbad, a company in the luxury bathroom furniture sector, previously based in america In 2022, it acquired 9.96% of the shares of Gensenta, which was purchased by a company and produces pharmaceuticals.

Arçelik, which is affiliated with the Koç group, has also signed many purchasing agreements over the years.

Brands purchased by Arçelik

in 2011 based in south africa Arçelik, which purchased the entire white goods manufacturer Defy Appliances, acquired another white goods brand, Arçelik, in 2016. Based in Pakistan He acquired all of Dawlance’s shares, and the white goods manufacturer in 2017. Acquired 57% of the shares of Singer Bangledesh Limited.

Eliminating its competitors one by one in the white goods industry, Arçelik will be based in america The white goods company signed an agreement in which it will own a 75% stake in Whirlpool’s operations in Europe, and in June 2023, it acquired all of Whirpool’s subsidiaries and operations in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Beko continues to grow and strengthen with various acquisitions.

Companies acquired by Beko

Beko, which is the largest shareholder of Arçelik and is under the Koç Group like Arçelik and is in the white goods sector, was established in 2007, in the white goods and consumer electronics sector, of which it has a 50% share. based in Germany He became the owner of this brand by purchasing the remaining 50% shares of Grundig.

Joining forces with Tata, one of India’s largest companies, in 2013, the Koç group partnered with Voltas, which is owned by Tata, and with this partnership, established Voltbek Home Appliances and produced Voltas Beko branded products. in indian market had offered it for sale.

Kale Group acquired the Italian ceramics company Industrie Fincuoghi in 2011.

castle group

Kale Group operates in sectors such as construction products, construction chemicals, aviation and service sectors; Edilcuoghi, Edilgres and Campani Italy-based ceramic company that owns brands such as Industrie FincuoghiBy purchasing the entire company, it started to produce and export ceramics in Italy.

Doğuş Çay set sail for new sectors by purchasing the American-based Kraft Gıda in 2013.

kraft logo

Managing and managing the Türkiye operations of Kraft Foods, an American-based food company. Patos, Cipso, Temizos Kraft Gıda, which includes brands such as, was completely acquired by Doğuş Çay.

Flo’s owner, Ziylan Group, seems to be determined to grow in the shoe industry.

reno and lumberjack logo

in 2012 Italian Ziylan Group, which acquired the shoe brand Lumberjack, and the shoe retailer Reno in 2016. German HR Group It was acquired entirely by the German investment company Capiton AG.

Şişecam, owner of the Paşabahçe brand, has also made various acquisitions over the years.


Operating in the glass industry, Şişecam was founded in 2013. India He acquired 50% of the shares of the company based in Flat Glass India Private Limited, which produces glass, and in 2018, he acquired the remaining 50% of the company and became the owner of all shares of the company.

If in 2017 of Egypt acquired Pearl Group, one of the largest glass manufacturers.

Also in 2018 Italian It purchased the facilities of flat glass manufacturer Sangalli Group in Monte Sant’Angelo.

OYAK acquired Cimpor, a Portugal-based company.


OYAK, an occupational pension fund, acquired Cimpor, one of the largest cement brands in Europe, in 2018. Portugal and Cape Verde operations bought it all.

The German brand Dreamlines is now owned by Global Investment Holding.

dream lines

Global Investment Holding operates in the fields of port management, energy, finance, real estate and mining; in 2018 based in Germany It had formed a business partnership with the online tourism agency Dreamlines and decided to invest in this company.

Some well-established companies of our country that he bought We have compiled some foreign companies. Our companies take us further in international markets with the work they do. hope it makes you proud Let’s end our content by saying.


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