2024 Renault Clio is on sale! Here is the price list

Clio, which has the title of the best-selling French car in the world, was on the scene with its new make-up in recent months. Clio, which will be available to its users with a new front-end, also has new hardware features. Here are the price and features of the New Renault Clio, which is offered for sale in Turkey today…

New 2024 Renault Clio price and features!

The facelifted 2024 new Clio continues the breakthrough made by the Clio 5, which was launched in 2020. The vehicle gained a very harsh appearance, especially with the last make-up operation. There will be those who remember the old RS models. It is possible to see old Clio RS influences in the new front bumper design of the 2024 Clio.


Thanks to the expanding grille at the front, piano black details have increased. The grille, which provides integrity with the new Renault logo, separates from the lower grille form with the transition in body color and acquires the appearance of a bumper. With the new touches made on the headlights, the “tiger tooth” headlight design, which started with Peugeout, was also added to Clio.

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As for the interior features of the vehicle, a familiar face welcomes us with Clio 5. The 7-inch multimedia screen, which varies depending on the vehicle’s equipment packages, will be located in the middle of the vehicle cockpit. Many functions of the new Clio can be controlled from this screen.

Equipment and engine options sold in Turkey!

New Renault Clio will come to our country with 3 different engine types. The first is the 1.0 Tce, which is the turbo gasoline version. This engine produces 90 Hp power and will be the gasoline engine option of Clio. The second option is 1.0 Sce, which entered our lives with Clio 5. The atmospheric Sce engine, produced mostly for urban use, produces 65 Hp power. The third option will be the E-Tech full hybrid, which will be a first in Clio history. This engine produces 145 Hp power. The diesel option is no longer available.

New 2024 Renault Clio price list!

Model Turnkey List Price
equilibre 1.0 SCe 65 hp ₺826,900
equilibre 1.0 TCe x-tronic 90 hp ₺921,900
evolution 1.0 TCe x-tronic 90 hp ₺959,900
techno eskirt alpine 1.0 TCe x-tronic 90hp 1,023,900 ₺
techno eskirt alpine E-Tech full hybrid 145hp 1.248.900 ₺

Option price list

equilibre Hardware Package
Spare tyre ₺6,000
Custom Color 6.500 ₺
Metallic Color 6.500 ₺
evolution Hardware Pack
16″ Boavista Aluminum Alloy Wheels ₺6,000
Custom Color 6.500 ₺
Metallic Color 6.500 ₺
Spare tyre ₺6,000
techno eskirt alpine Hardware Pack
Navigation Package ₺53,000
Advanced Security Package 65,000₺
Custom Color 6.500 ₺
Spare tyre ₺6,000
Metallic Color 6.500 ₺
Front Parking Sensor 6.500 ₺

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