20 Years in Prison and a $300 Million Fine for the Biggest Coin Scam in History!

In the OneCoin case, which is known as one of the biggest fraud cases in the cryptocurrency market, co-founder Karl Greenwood was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In the announcement published by the US Attorney’s Office on its official website on September 12, the OneCoin co-founder, who pleaded guilty last December, Karl Greenwood investing in themselves 3.5 million for crimes such as defrauding a person and using customer assets for personal gain. 20 years imprisonment And 300 million dollars He announced that he received a fine.

Approximately With a 4 billion dollar heist The resulting ponzi scheme was worth millions of dollars with the proceeds of fraud by OneCoin founder Greenwood. luxury designer clothes, shoes and watches what you took, a luxury yacht for 600 thousand dollars First of all, you paid the down payment Spain, Dubai And Thailand He stated that he purchased real estate from various countries, including.

US Attorney General Damian Williams has criticized the OneCoin project for all time. one of the biggest fraud schemes He described it as. According to Williams’ statements, although Greenwood and other partners described OneCoin as the Bitcoin killer, the cryptocurrency did not actually have any value.

Essentially, OneCoin was completely worthless, leaving investors with nothing while Greenwood lined his own pockets with more than $300 million.

Founder of OneCoin “Crypto Queen” The fate of Ruja Ignatova still remains unclear. Last February, Ignatova was killed by the Bulgarian mafia. that he was killed Various speculations have arisen regarding the

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