20-Year-old TOFAŞ Şahin is on Sale for 165 Thousand TL

An auto dealer from Gaziantep has quoted a price of 165 thousand TL for the 2021 model Tofaş Şahin. Stating that the vehicle has no flaws, the dealer stated that the vehicle is now an ‘antique’.

Sold by a car dealer in Gaziantep. 2001 model Tofas brand car challenges the younger models of auto brands with its price. Due to the fact that the first owner of the car ‘looks like a baby’ even a single scratch Auto dealer Murat Deniz states that they are looking for his ‘patient’ for the vehicle that has not been found.

Offers have been pouring in since the day it went on sale for the 20-year-old car, which is no different, on which even the labels affixed when leaving the factory are still on it. For the vehicle for which the last 130 thousand TL offer was made, Deniz is 165 thousand TL wants.

“This car is now an antique”

Saying that he has been looking for this kind of car for a long time, Deniz said, An old uncle from Osmaniye As soon as he saw the ad he had placed, he called the owner of the ad and talked to him without wasting any time. After that, Deniz, who went to Osmaniye to see the vehicle, explained what happened next. “The car has no dot scratches, nothing wrong. When we found it exactly as I wanted, we bought it and brought it. The first owner of the car always kept the car in the garage. You already know the mileage. There are no traces. Even the paint looks clean. Uncle took a good look at the car. It’s always been in the garage. I’ve been looking for a car like this for over a year. We came across the advertisement of the car by chance on the internet. We went straight and bought it” describes as.

Stating that he was very surprised when they saw the car for the first time, Deniz said, “It is very difficult for a car like this to be unpainted, faultless. It’s a 2001 model 20 year old car. We want 165 thousand liras for the price. People are surprised to hear the price we’re asking, but that’s what this car is worth. How many years did they keep the car? When you look at the car, there is no difference from zero. No scratches on the car. This car is now antique worth it.” uses expressions.


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In addition to these, Deniz underlined that there are many car lovers.A normal person would not pay 165 thousand liras for this car. There is nothing like it. Even the stickers that were stamped on the vehicle when it left the factory are still there. We have this car to someone who loves We want to sell. The person receiving should look like” he also states.

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