$20 Million Lawsuit From Genesis To Famous Bitcoin Supporter

Bitcoin (BTC) pro-investor Roger Ver has been sued by a unit of bankrupt crypto lending firm Genesis for $20.8 million in unpaid crypto options.

part of Genesis GGC Internationalin the New York State Supreme Court on January 23. Roger Ver filed a lawsuit against him. Ver’s reason for the lawsuit He did not execute crypto options trades that expired on December 30. was put forward.

To respond to calls by Ver, Genesis unit GGC International, under US law 20 days exists. by Roger Ver if GGC does not respond to the court within this time frame, have to pay $20.8 million can stay.

Ver made headlines last year for allegedly failing to pay a debt. Cryptocurrency exchange CoinFLEX CEO Mark LambVer’s to the firm 47 million USD Coins (USDC) He claimed that he had a debt and stated that this debt was bound by a written contract. In response to this situation, Roger Ver did not even have any debts. that CoinFLEX owes him had suggested.

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