12 Million Dollars of Bitcoin Stolen from pNetwork

Hackers stole $12.7 million worth of Bitcoin from the crypto money transfer platform pNetwork. The company stated that all other funds are safe.

Ever since cryptocurrencies gained popularity, the news of fraud, corruption and theft has not ceased. The most recent example of this situation is called pNetwork. a theft on a crypto money transfer platform it happened.

Hackers stole $12.7 million worth of Bitcoin from cryptocurrency transfer platform pNetwork. pNetwork said in a statement on the subject on its Twitter account, “Cyber ​​attackers exploit a bug in our code base and By stealing 277 Bitcoins Attacked pBTC via BSC” he stated.

‘All other funds are safe’

Announcing that all other funds on pNetwork are “safe”, the company has been safe from the attack. He explained that the “bridges” were not affected. Bridges mean that cryptocurrency users copy one cryptocurrency to another.

In a statement from its Telegram account, pNetwork stated that the bridges will be reactivated in the coming days with extra security measures, the error has been detected and fixed. pBTC is pNetwork’s described as a packaged version of Bitcoin. “Wrapped Bitcoin”, a token, is traded at one-to-one equivalence to Bitcoin in smart blockchain deals.


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This allows this token to be used as a copy of Bitcoin in decentralized finance protocols (DeFi). The attack took place earlier this year, the largest DeFi heist in history. Breaking the $610 million Poly NetworkIt took place on Binance Smart Chain, which is also included.

In the 24 hours after the event was heard, pNetwork’s management The PNT token lost 18 percent of its value.

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