100 Million Harmony Attack Linked to North Korea: Funds Moved, According to FBI!

Attackers acted to launder stolen assets as US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified the actors behind the $100 million Harmony (ONE) bridge attack

FBI January 23 In a press release published on its official website on 100 million dollars worth of crypto assets stolen Harmony located on the network Horizon bridge behind his attack North Korean hacker groups APT38 and also linked to the $625 million Axie Infinity (AXS) Ronin bridge attack Lazarus GroupConfirmed that . North Korea in the past similar activities The institution, which stated that it carries out ballistic missile and weapon of mass destruction of your projects in financing claimed to use it.

bureau, the attackers January 13 of stolen funds 60 million dollars worth Ethereum (ETH) with a privacy protocol to launder railgun that you use and laundered assets Some of them are sent to different cryptocurrency exchanges. to bitcoin (BTC) reported that it was converted. The FBI also coordinated some of these funds with some cryptocurrency exchanges. is frozen while giving information remaining BTCin their 11 different wallets He added that he moved.

On the other hand, MistTrack, which tracks blockchain transactions, according to their analysis As the FBI stated, some of the BTCs sent by the attackers to different wallets are Avalanche (AVAX) transferred to the network. The Bitcoins in question are to be further hidden later. Tether (USDT) and to USDD (USDD) by turning Ethereum (ETH) and TRON (TRX) in a network to USDT address sent.

Experts, Tornado Cash’s its absence has greatly affected the laundering of assets by attackers. make it difficult stated.

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